That FU Button

That FU Button!


Gamification is a crucial aspect of any serious push to engage voters today. Through That FU Button, we combine many of the factors shown to be instrumental in converting and engaging people into becoming active participants in the political process.

And it’s fun!

That FU Button is an app and a text-to-give campaign. Tailored for news hounds and social media devotees who often find themselves angry or frustrated by the news of the day, users simply text “FU” to a designated number, or push the FU Button on the app, and donate $1 to ISe.

Feelings of helplessness and a lack of ability to control what’s going on are a major factor in voter apathy and disengagement. When we hear news that’s frightening, enraging, or intolerable to our sensibilities, we’re more likely to build anger while moving farther away from feelings of “doing something” in a way that will be effective and beneficial.

Hitting that FU Button give immediate relief, and accomplishes several things at once: it gives back some control (There! I’ve donated to help fight this injustice!), it releases anger (I have to DO something!), and it brings humor back where it’s most needed.

This acts on the same impulse that “sharing” on social media does – a wish to just ACT, even in small ways, only this time that action will also be contributing to real work being done to support our nation, our neighbors, and our concerns.

Want to tell them what you really think? Donate to FU Button.