Part of ISe’s playful aim at engaging younger voters (as well as many older ones), Fweedom challenges citizens to donate in order to protect their civil liberties, and to advocate for all rights, including the right to legalized marijuana.

Fweedom begins to answer the, “what’s in it for me?” question that leaves some citizens feeling powerless and apathetic. By focusing on one seemingly simple, passionately held issue, the campaign engages people in that first step toward civic participation.

Research shows that donation has a substantial and robust effect on the probability of voting in presidential elections. Those who vote in presidential elections are more likely to vote in local elections than those who don’t. Generosity, in other words, increases participation.

Research on younger donors also shows greater comfort in giving when a tangible item is attached. The Fweedom campaign offers donors a choice of donation strategies, from simple, one-button giving, to T-shirts, bags and other items.

By offering small donation amounts associated with a specific, personalized issue, Fweedom engages voters in a light-hearted approach to a serious issue: having each eligible citizen engage in the political process.

How can you help? Donate to Fweedom.