What We Do

Think Informed is a think tank and creative studio developing innovative tools and opportunities for civic engagement. We welcome volunteers to help create, produce and promote programs and resources that enable the public to become and remain involved with their government.

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Vote Remote


Vote Remote is the ISe flagship initiative dedicated to remote and disenfranchised voter accessibility and registration. Like other online sites, Vote Remote allows voters to pre-register, register, a request a mail-in ballot, but Vote Remote goes past an invitation to vote, and instead offers active, online and in-real-life support.

Vote Remote’s College Tour specifically targets out-of-state college voters, encouraging them to vote in their home states. Current and upcoming features of the program include:
• Voter registration and pre-registration
• Check to see if you’re registered
• Request an online ballot
• What are my state’s remote voting requirements
• Alerts and reminders leading up to mail-in deadlines
• Vote Remote College Ambassadors: Students from each college’s student group interested in participating, providing resumé-boosting training in real life, real-time organizing, outreach, and student leadership experience.
• Campus liaisons from the community offering support to Vote Remote College Ambassadors.
• Empowerment of students through ongoing contact with their Vote Remote College Ambassadors, who act as on-the-ground support and facilitators, providing everything from information and reminders to stamps and an envelope.

In addition to the fully supported registration and voting access, Vote Remote builds on nationwide enrollment to inform voters of key races, contested seats and potential flip districts.

Vote Remote can be customized to specifically target and reach different groups traditionally harder to engage.

Vote Remote High School Nation engages our youngest voters, offering education on fact-checking, civil discussion of differences, pre-registration and all of the upcoming election information included in the College Tour.

Vote Remote Accessibility focuses on those less easily able to get to the polls. Along with all of the technological benefits and input of the College Tour, Vote Remote Accessibility will also utilize community outreach partnerships, direct mail and phone tree campaigns to support early voting and partnerships with free ride to the polls initiatives.

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IRL and Online

While ISe focuses many activities on remote and online projects, the community of ISe is what inspires and nurtures our creativity. Our many gatherings, working retreats and community work hours fuel our ability to maintain the energy and drive needed for ongoing volunteer work.

Our members give their time and expertise with generosity and good will, developing, iterating, and collaborating with each other and with other groups in the community.

We welcome those with no experience at all, and those experienced in everything from activism to tech, education and graphic design.

Our on-the-ground “labs” – committees finding innovating, effective activism – include Outreach, recruiting, welcoming and matching new volunteers with projects that match their interests and time available; “EE” actively promoting and educating on local and national policies, legislation and initiatives concerning energy and environment; Media, tasked with ongoing development and production of communication material and strategies ranging from podcasts and a newsletter to social media campaigns and videos; Creative, managing and producing all of the design needs for ISe and its partners, from logos to banners to websites to signs and branding; It’s Our Call (ItsOurCall.org), a work in progress which gathers legislator’s stances on important, upcoming votes. It helps activists call their own legislators, and spread the word to their friends with uncommitted legislators; and several other labs including Songwriting and Family.